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Leather Accoutrements
Accoutrement. In English, the word Accoutrements has a number of meanings, in the 18th century it was referred to as an accessory or apparatus needed for their task or journey.
Leather Leg Garter Straps

Leather Leg Garter Straps

2 sizes in assorted colors of leather with brass or german silver buckles.

Wide 3/4" strap :
$15.00 each

Narrow 1/2" strap:
$12.00 each

Black 0.75 inch military garters

Colonial Leather Wallet with Colonial Currency


Colonial Style Leather Wallet
Cowhide leather wallet double fold, with two compartments. Comes with colonial currency. Colors: Ox Blood Red,
Dark Brown, Light Brown, Charcoal Black,
& Scarlet Red.

$16.00 each

Colonial Leather Wallet Open

Flint Wallet for Muzzleloaders

Flint Wallet
Simple four compartment flint wallet made of brown leather. The wallet will accommodate 4 brown bess or charleyville flints.

$10.00 each

Email me for more information or if you have any questions


Hammer Stall Frizzen Cover for Safety

Hammer Stall

Also referred to as "frizzen cover" This is a safety device that helps prevent accidental firing of loaded muskets on the shooting line or at battle re-enactments, includes a thong for tying to the trigger guard to prevent loss. Fits most muskets.

$5.00 each

Email me for more information or if you have any questions

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