Custom Built Long Rifles
Est. 1988
“Preserving an original art form...”

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Allan will be displaying his pieces at the Baltimore Antique Arms Show, Dixon's Gunmakers' Fair, & Ft. Frederick Market Fair

The following are pictures of featured pieces done the past few years....

Master gun builder, Allan Sandy has been building, custom long rifles for over 18 years. His first gun was built for a left-handed, petite family member.

Rifle No. 109, click here for more pics of this southpaw piece.
Allan’s guns are museum quality hand-crafted muzzleloaders. His spectrum of pieces built include rifles, fowlers, swivel breach, and pistols of numerous schools and regions, most are of traditional style, yet some are of contemporary style. Allan’s pieces are family heirlooms and make true collector pieces.

Fowler No. 110, click here for more pics of this piece.
Allan has accomplished a feat that few gun builders have. He has been the winner of “Best of Show” in the Masters Division for three years in a Row at the 1992, 1993, and 1994 Dixon’s Gun Makers Fair. Allan has returned to attend and help educate others various years at Dixon’s Gun Maker’s Fairs, and will be attending again this year. He also attends events at Ft. Frederick, Ft. Ticonderoga and the Baltimore Antique Arms Show.
Pistol No. 97, click here for more pics of this piece.
Allan has been published in Muzzle Loader Magazine in the March/April issue of 1995. Another article on his fine work should be appearing in Muzzleloader again in the near future, written by Wayne Zurl. Allan’s finely crafted pieces have been used on the History Channel, as well in episodes of “Time Machine: Boone & Crockett, The Hunters, Heros” and “The War of 1812.”
Fowler No. 104, click here for more pics of this piece.
Allan’s engraving, wire work and relief craving are a few of his phenomenal talents. No matter where you look on each of his pieces, or how one of his pieces is angled, his attention to the most minute details continue to amaze and delight every collector, admirer and purchaser alike.

Wire work on Presentation Rifle No. 100, click here for more pics of this rifle.

A deposit is due when you place your gun order. The deposit amount is 20% (twenty percent) of the total estimated cost, no less than $500.00 (US). The remainder is due at the time gun is completed and prior to delivery. Estimated completion and delivery dates will be given when the order and deposit are received.

This fancy hand forged pipe axe is another of Allan’s Projects (collaberated with Jack Vargo)

Sterling Silver & gold inlayed 
sugar maple haft
Extensive S.S. & gold inlayed head
Pewter mouth piece

For more specifics on any of the beautiful pieces pictured that Allan has created, kindly email him directly at:
or call: 1-434-760-1144

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Pistol No. 97

All Sterling Silver mount hardware

Super stump cut sugar maple stock

Hand forged barrel

Chamber's Flint Lock

Presentation Rifle No. 100

Quilted sugar maple stock
44" 45 cal. swamped barrel
Polished Chambers Flint Lock
All Sterling Silver hardware was handmade
30 ft. Sterling Silver wire work 
with 18k gold inlays
Approximately 600+ hours

Brass Barrel Fowler No.

English style
42" brass barrel by Ed Rayl
Brass lock by Jim Chambers
Curly cherry stock with relief carved, sterling silver wire and wrist inlay
All hardware and barrel were antiqued 

Fowler No. 104

Cherry stock
62 cal/20ga. buck & ball barrel
Antiqued brass hardware
Sterling Silver inlay

Fowler No. 110

62 cal/20 ga. 38" Buck & Ball barrel
Quarter saw Cherry stock
Antiqued brass mount hardware

SouthPaw Rifle No. 109

50 cal. 44" barrel
Quarter saw stump cut sugar maple
Brass mount hardware
L&R Queen Ann Flint Lock
Sterling Silver inlays & releaf carving

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