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Supplies for Pirates, Privateers, Seamen, & All Types of Sea Dogs...
& those that want to be... please bare with us for a few fun pictures first, scroll down for the available items.

Slops/Petticoat Breeches Men's 18th C Shirts Copper & Tin Tankards/Cups
Whole Pirate Outfits Spyglasses Fancy-Decorated Hats
Key of Life Corkscrews Silk Scarves Colonial Fishing Equipment & Firestarting Kits
Hemp Rope & Webbing Horn & Bone Dice  

Petticoat Breeks/Slops
Slops were an overcoat style of pants/legwear to wear over your breeches (think of them as a leg apron for your pants/breeches). In the photos to the right & below, we show details for the slops shown on the left.
We can make the slops from your material or what we have available. Check on the availability of what is made up (for sizes and materials). Button hole fly with a gusset and eyelets in the back.

$70.00 each pair / $75.00 a pair with pockets

Email me to order or if you have any questions

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Some of the Lovely Hats made for Special Customers


We use quality wool blocked hat blanks in a variety of colors, add trim, handmade cockades, and other decorations sometimes beyond feathers
The pirate hats in these photos are just a sampling of what could be.....

$50.00-$70.00 a pair with pocket
depending on the style & work


Email me to order or if you have any questions

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Pirate or Captain Outfits
Whole Outfit to the Left was made by Lisa, except for socks, shoes, & sword.
Black raw silk breeches -- $90.00
White linen ruffled shift -- $75.00
Black raw silk sleeveless waistcoat -- $90.00
Cotton velvet Coat with Bucket
Black Simple Tricorn -- $50.00

Most of the Outfit to the Right was also made by Lisa (definitely not the redware mug :-).
Rust Brown Wool Frock -- $300.00
Silk Scarf -- $15.00
Linen Shirt -- $50.00
Hat Blank -- $30.00

Email me to order or if you have any questions

A natural, gray-tan, and green stripe pattern in a medium weight linen. $50.00

Check periodically as the shirts made will change as material is obtained and turned into re-enacting clothing.

18th Century Men's Shirts

These are the average prices. Made with a collar, button on the neck, buttons on each cuff, gussets under the arms, and near the bottom of the shirt on the sides. The shirts are made long, see photo to the right.

Raw Silk -- $60.00
Raw Silk with Ruffles -- $70.00
Cotton -- $45.00-$50.00
Linen -- $50.00-$60.00
Linen with Ruffles --$60.00-$70.00

This is a man's XL in a creamy yellow, medium weight linen.

Click here to see other men's clothing

This is a man's XL in a tan and white stripe, medium weight linen.

These two shirts are men's L in very soft light weight linen and its a woven stripe to give the affect of cream & cream stripe or the green & green stripe. $50.00 each
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Large China Silk Scarves
The soft and subtle creamy silk scarves are 36x36, finished edges and available in 9 colors. See the colors to the right that are available. I will post a better photo soon:

  • Scarlet Red
  • Marigold
  • Mahogany Brown
  • Emerald Green
  • Caramel
  • Black
  • White (not pictured)
  • Burgundy (not pictured)

$15.00 each / $28.00 for two (2)

Email me to order or if you have any questions


When you see us at events, please check out all the colors of the scarves. When I'm dying something else, some of the scarves get thrown in to make unique colors.

See the images of 18th Century Seasman, Sailors, Privateers...many of them are wearing scarves.

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Captain's Mistress Games

Wooden version of 4 In a Row or Connect 4.
A kind of vertical tic-tac-toe, this wood version has 42 pieces made of light (21) and dark (21) colored wood. This is a great tavern game and not just for those sea-worthy types!!.

$35.00 each (small: 7-5/8" x 5-1/4" x 2")
$60.00 each
(large: 11-1/4" x 9" x 2-5/8")

Click here for other period games & toys

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Vintage Key Style Corkscrew Cork Screw

Vintage Key Style Corkscrew Cork Screw

Vintage Key Style Corkscrew

2-piece corkscrew beautifully done in an antique brass finish, it is a very decorative piece for your bar or kitchen, yet very functional. The handle pull will accommodate two fingers very comfortably to pull the cork from a bottle of wine. It was and is a wonderful gift idea. The piece together measures 5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide at the handle

It is a great companion piece for the new-age pirates that have a little bit of gentleman in him.

$15.00 each.


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