Handwoven 100% Virgin Wool Blankets

The Ingenious Blanket Pattern is also available in these handwoven blankets, which are pictured below in the stock room at Old Fort Niagara.

100% Virgin Wool. All are approx. 72"x90" (4 point blanket dimensions). The weight of the blanket is about the weight of the Witney Point and Lachine Blankets. The blankets can be made in one piece and also as a 2 panel blanket.
$185.00 each

pictured are (L-R), 2 panel with blue stripe, 2 panel done with the Ganagaro Blanket pattern, and a 1 panel done with a red-brown stripe at each end.

The Ganagaro or Lachine Patterns are $205.00 each
The Ganagaro pattern is pictured to the right with the small red stripes (which can also be done with all black lachine stripes with a natural white or natural gray/brown background, see below)

Additional blanket history and More Info about Rev War blankets by John Rees

Paul and Ralph purchased some of their neighbors fleeces from Historic Breeds (Berrichon du Cher, Border Leicester, Jacob, and Black Welsh Mountain) and did a number of blankets with the natural colored wool. Two of the blankets on the left are from NON-DYED wool.
Pictured are (L-R) natural from brown/black sheep with a light colored strip, a reproduction Ingenious blanket, and another from brown/black sheep with a very dark dark brown (almost black) stripe.

See below for Previously Enjoyed Blankets & Vintage Blankets that are available.

To Order: Just email us with your list of items you are interested in, the address the items will be shipping to, and we will send you a PayPal invoice for those paying by Credit Card or a pdf attachment for those wanting to send a check or money order.

Handwoven 100% Virgin Wool Bed Rugs

Few people except for textile historians realize that rugs originally served as coverings for beds and tables rather than floors. These almost-forgotten ancestors of the quilt are woven with twisted wool yarns to give these bed rugs a thin basket-weave pattern. The rug can be done with finished edges or modern traditional rug tassel ends on the two short ends. These bed rugs are similar to a very thick heavy blanket, it is not a blanket that trekkers would want to put in their bed rolls. Each weights approximately 7.5 pounds. Solid natural white only available. Approximate size=70x88 inches.
$205.00 each

Paintings that my blankets have appeared in.

Artist John Buxton
uses the white lachine blanket in the above print

Artist John Buxton uses the ingenious blanket in the print to the left and above again the white lachine.

Pictures (above) of my blankets in the trade room at Old Fort Niagara

Previously Enjoyed & Vintage Blankets

Large Brown Tweed Blanket
82"x80" brown wool tweed pattern blanket by St. Marys Woolen Mfg. Co (19th C Woolen Mill in Ohio). On the left shows a quarter (25%) of the blanket and to the left shows a close-up of the pattern. $100

This blanket was probably never used and was in storage with the gift note pinned on.

Since Early's of Witney have closed their mill, I am no longer able to offer them at competitive prices. I will also post other trade blankets as they become available. Note that I always have some "previously enjoyed" wool blankets available for those wanting one a little antiqued or showing some age and use. Kindly inquire about the availability of these.

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