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The Best Original & Cool Brand Men Watches 2019

The watch is an accessory for men and women as a pointer of times as well as a sweetener in appearance. Choosing the best brand of watch for the right man can make someone confused. Some of the watches that are marketed on the market consist of not a few brands with not a few different series. Original and cool watches when this has been circulating a lot.

In Australia, there are also many watch enthusiasts. The watch can be the best collection for all men’s accessories. For all men themselves, there are already very few watch brands that can be chosen to suit their desires, character, and style. And these are the five best watches we have outlined for you.

Rolex 126660 Deepsea

Rolex watches are familiar brands in the world. Almost all people have certainly heard of his name. Rolex watches have been in production since 1919 at a company founded by Hans Wilsdorf. Rolex is known for its luxury watches at quite high prices.

Rolex offers a wide variety of series of men’s watches used to visit legitimate events with an elegant design. Besides, this watch manufacturer has also prepared many series that can be used for outdoor work and adventure.

Some of the series are like Explorer, Sea Dweller, Deep Sea Dweller, and Submariner.

The three series used for the above waterworks can be used to dive into the ocean with a depth of 330 to 1220 meters. This luxury watch brand also provides many fancy watch designs with unusual materials. It is reasonable if the price of this watch is priced reasonably high.

CASIO Edifice Swarovski Chronograph

This quality watch is a familiar name. This watch brand has been found easily. In almost every city there are official shops that sell many kinds of series. Very suitable for all ages with a variety of models.

Casio was founded in 1964 by Tadao Kashio. Casio is produced by an electronics company that also manufactures many kinds of goods besides watches. This Casio brand is a quite well-known watch for use in Australia and abroad. So it is natural for sales to be among the highest-ranked hours in the world. Casio, which is the most famous brand in the world, also carries the best quality watches.

Expedition 6381MCLTBBAIVBO

The men will look more manly wearing a watch than Expedition. This hour is one of the favorite hours of all men. This watch is very suitable for use by young people who want to look cool. This sporty-style watch is also suitable for outside work and can be used for outdoor activities.

For outside work, the Expedition has pretty good durability. And all of its uses can work well because it was created with quality materials. Expedition offers four groups for its products between different Limited, Automatic, Chronograph, and H3 Tritium, which have their respective advantages.

Initially, this watch comes with the name Swiss Expedition. But over time, the name for this trademark is legitimately becoming an Expedition. The advantage of Expedition watches is that they have the features needed for natural work. Have the most water-resistant and tough skills to face challenges.

One of the manufacturing materials is quality stainless steel material for the creation of the watch body and has passed the control test in the manufacturing process. Triple Time Zone is one of the most popular models. Has three opposite dial and measuring 50.5 mm. You can get this watch at the closest counter that is currently in your city.

Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch brand that reaches out to their level of popularity in a short period. On social media, the Daniel Wellington or DW brand is most often talked about. Their Instagram followers reach tens of millions.

One type of DW watch for men most loved is Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury. Its main features include: Material of Stainless steel case & nato strap, Rose gold numeral index, mineral glass, and rose gold crown setting, Quartz Miyota 1L22 movement & water-resistant 30 m, Dimensions 40 x 6 mm, and Bandwidth: 20 mm.

Fossil Grant FS4813

Surely you are already familiar with the brand of Fossil watches. This brand is no longer used in Australia. Tom Kartsotis founded the company in 1984. Fossil provides various models of watches that can be used by all ages from young people to the elderly.

One of the most popular series of Fossil brand enthusiasts is the Fossil Grant series. Fossil watches have many advantages compared to other clocks. The power of this watch is that it is more flexible because it can be used in formal or informal events.

You can look sophisticated with superior Fossil watch products as accessories for men. Fossil is a pioneer of watches created from genuine leather. So naturally, if this familiar brand watch is priced at a fairly high price.

In addition to the leather material, Fossil also uses stainless steel material with a quality that can not be doubted. There are not a few series produced that offer various models for you. For those who love elegant watches with a leather strap, Fossil is the best recommendation for you. Each series of Fossil is created with many features and high technology. If you purchase an original Fossil watch product, you will get an official product guarantee.

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