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5 of The Best Men’s Boots Can Make You More Masculine

Looking back to the history of the creation of men’s boots, shoes that are identical to leather and brown are indeed produced with a strong design. It functions so that the wearer can feel safe when carrying out extreme activities without phobias getting hurt.

So it is not surprising that not a few men who use boots, they are not infrequently identified with all men who are handsome and used to do heavy activities. Not only one, but boots also have not a few kinds that you can wear for a casual or formal style. Here are five brand boots that can increase your prowess.

Clarks Originals

Clarks is one of the most famous shoe companies in the world; it is desert boots have become iconic and legendary among shoe lovers. There is one thing that is unique to desert boots belonging to Clarks; the material looks smooth, used feels comfortable. But calm, even if the material is suede, these shoes are durative and powerful in all fields. The desert boots from Clarks not only can make you look handsome but also look elegant and classy!


Timberland is known as the most classic and durable shoe brand. Timberland has been producing boots since 1973. Typically, Timberland brand boots are often worn by all workers with heavy activities because of their toughness. Over time, Timberland boots are also used for weekly nights, because the type is suitable when combined with tight denim and other contemporary clothing. Automatic, you can be more handsome if you wear those durative Timberland boots!

Brogue Boot

Brogue boots are a type of shoe that originated in Ireland. If witnessed from a distance, brogue boots do look like boots in general. However, if you look closely, brogue boots are covered with leather with the artsiest engravings and make you look cool. Not only for work or formal events, but brogue boots can also be worn casually if combined with skinny or chino pants!


Vissure made with the best hands and skin. Yes, Vissure presents a large variety of collections of men’s boots that you can count on to undergo fanatical and strenuous activities on the streets. Not only presents products ready to wear, but Vissure also provides custom services.


Lthrkrft is one of the local boots brands from Bandung, which is already quite senior in the boots market in the country. Since 2009, Lthrkrft has released boots that are selling well in the market. They prioritize the style and quality of the boots they have.

Lthrkrft has two types of boots that you can buy. The first is the Work Moc, boots that are not too high but can be used for formal events or just a walk on a Saturday night. Second, Lthrkrft has high boots that can be used for heavy activities in extreme fields. Also, the longer it is used, the skin of Lthrkrft boots will indicate signs of use, which will certainly make the boots look cooler!

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