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The Most Expensive Cosmetic Brand in The World, Do You Intend to Buy It?

MAKE-UP has now become one of the needs that is arguably most needed by most women. Make-up is very important for women, of course, to increase their attractiveness and beautify themselves. Because for most women, appearance is something important.

Brand make-up has now also been widely circulated in the market. Ranging from affordable prices, to very expensive. Reporting from Success Story, here are some of the most expensive famous make-up brands in the world:

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder provides high-quality skincare and make-up products. This brand is also known as the mother of several well-known companies such as MAC, Smashbox, and other American brands that offer collections of make-up, perfume, and skincare, and hair care products. In addition to women, this brand also provides care products for men. Of course, because of its good quality, this product also has a reasonably high price.


This cosmetics company is arguably the largest cosmetics company that has covered make-up, skincare, perfume, and hair care products, including dermatology, toxicology, and biopharmaceutical research fields to expand the scope of its products further.


Chanel is a French company founded by Coco Chanel more than 100 years ago. This brand is one of the most expensive and very luxurious brands. This brand sets a very high price for its products because of its elegance and exceptional quality.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay has its headquarters in Addison, Texas, and stands out among the world’s big companies. Mary Kay has trusted products such as skincare, make-up, and body care that make the body more beautiful. Because it is considered to provide a better solution for skin problems, Mary Kay also set a high enough price for its products.


The MAC skincare range includes lipstick, lip-gloss, and all types of foundation. Besides, this brand also produces nail polish and other makeup, such as mascara. Although this brand has a fairly high price, MAC gives special discounts for purchases to members of its premium members.

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