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7 Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands in the World

Wearing jewelry is certainly one of the mandatory items that are collected by a woman. Women feel themselves to be incomplete without wearing some fancy and expensive fine jewelry. They added dazzling jewelry in addition to complementing his clothes, whether used in the form of bracelets, earrings, cuff-links, or watches. Here are the most luxurious jewelry brands in the world that you must know.

Selling jewelry must concern with the target market. Some of the good place selling jewelry is near Casino Palace. Such as Harrah’s Jewelry which opens their new store near Las Vegas Casino. The idea is when players win their betting whether it’s from sportsbook or casino games on any sites, they want to purchase jewelry for alternative investment.


Buccellati is second in our list of luxury jewelry. This company is especially famous for its Roman-style jewelry. Matte jewelry and metal cuff bracelets are famous for completing your fashion to be more beautiful and elegant. Jewelry items from this company are rich in texture and are equipped with attractive styles and combinations.


George Piaget founded this luxury jewelry brand. Piaget is a Swiss company that is known for quality watches and fashion jewelry. This brand has a reputation for making many glamorous designs and styles for Hollywood celebrities. Piaget is famous for its combination of modern and sleek angled jewelry items.


Tiffany is the top luxury jewelry brand. It is associated with durable jewelry that is perfect for all occasions. Tiffany always guarantees quality. This brand has been selling classic jewelry since its establishment in 1837. The company has also produced jewelry for elite clients.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef and Arpels collaborated to build their jewelry brand. France is known for its elegant jewelry. Many of these jewelry companies have unique pieces and narratives. Van Cleef is an excellent ornament for a wedding ceremony and is worn by women with pride. This company has even presented many quality watches in different styles from simple to decoration. The most luxurious jewelry has scenes inlaid with gems and motifs.


Swiss luxury watchmaker and jewelry maker, Chopard doesn’t need to be reintroduced. This brand makes simple pieces with great innovation. Use genuine and thick gemstones with a layer of 18-carat gold. It is also famous for its precision watches for men, women, and children. The design and style of this company’s products are always elegant and top of the line.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston is a classic and elegant diamond jewelry brand having no alternative. The company was founded in 1932. It has a reputation for providing the best quality and rarest gemstones for global customers. Every piece is put together with the expertise of the jewelers, and this company guarantees the durability of its products.


Cartier began its journey in 1860. Since then, this brand has been known for its elegant and high-quality jewelry items. It is famous among celebrities and fashion models. Characteristic items from this brand are diamond, onyx, and emerald bracelets with high prices. It has also presented various beautiful gemstones and precious metals. Cartier brand watches are also famous for their expert expertise and innovative designs.

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