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Best Fashion Items and Brands for Hypebeast Style

Hypebeast or hype beast can be defined as someone who follows the latest trends or someone who uses what is “hype” (present) is not possible either. Hypebeast is also called a person (usually a man) who collects clothes, shoes, and accessories to impress others.

Hypebeast style is still often discussed today. Because of street style, sportswear, athleisure, and everything that smells of “streetwear” or “sporty” make Hypebeast trends emerge. This style is increasingly trendy because of the many Hypebeast brands, let alone coupled with the form of the artists who apply this trend. Although most streetwear brands come from abroad, there are also local brands that have been posted on the Hypebeast website.

Initially, Hypebeast was created as an online platform for contemporary men’s clothing and streetwear. Focusing on fashion development and presenting visual inspiration, making Hypebeast the only community of young people who love the world of streetwear. Hypebeast seems to be a platform where various brands are also inspired to bring out products that are relevant to the latest urban aspects. Many of which are fashion related  where everyone can see high-society style, while wearing their signature Hypebeast style, signify a rich urban life in this modern era.

Here are Hypebeast brands that particularly will make you live in a high social status:


A Bathing Ape (or BAPE) was made from Japan, quickly recognized as a streetwear brand with Japanese culture. The founder, Tomoaki Nagao, is the cult figure behind this brand.

BAPE is best known for its colorful and bright camouflage prints, as well as the shark hoodies that are right above the wearer’s face. The bold design motifs have made this brand popular among the Hypebeast fans throughout the world.


We live in an era when streetwear shakes up urban men. Off-White became one of the brands that make teenagers addicted to ‘streetwear’ items. This brand was founded by Virgil Abloh, a designer who has a high taste of fashion.

Abloh is very influential in the world of fashion, and more than 50 brands in the world like his taste, such as Fendi, Nike, Adidas, to Louis Vuitton.


You are certainly familiar with a brand that has a red logo blocks with the word ‘Supreme.’ James Jebbia founded this streetwear brand from the United States in 1994. Jebbia is inspired by the distinctive style of urban American youth who is synonymous with skateboarding, hip-hop, and punk-rock. Supreme’s appeal lies in Jebbia’s strategy of releasing a limited series of all its collections. No wonder young people are willing to queue from morning to get a limited collection from Supreme.


If Shawn Stussy hadn’t explored the t-shirt business in 1980, the current streetwear fashion situation would be a very different world. After creating trends with its graphic tees, Stüssy is a branched streetwear brand that represents surfing and skate clothing. Until now, Stüssy still influences other streetwear brands with logomania trends that are deeply rooted in the typical streetwear brand.

Carhartt WIP

Who ever have thought that a brand set up for North American blue-collar workers in the 1800s would one day became a streetwear label? Carhartt WIP was founded by Hamilton Carhartt in Detroit, Michigan. This men’s fashion brand began producing the whole work in 1889. Then in 1994, Carhartt added WIP as its latest branding.

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